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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Home made crafty present

 Yesterday we popped to see Fliss and Steve and the boys, it was a beautiful day and the hottest October day on records, it really felt like the hottest day of summer, Fareham had a local farmers market, so we walked around the market for an hour, Josh brought himself some books with his pocket money, I brought the latest Stephen Fry book to read.

When we got back to Fliss's for lunch she had a present for me, she is very good a crochet, something I have never done, Fliss has a love of working with bright colors. These are very typical for her to use.
 I have some pale fabric,heavy cotton, so I will line this bag and put pockets on the inside and make a draw string to close it. Look at the bottom below, so perfect and no one will see it, can't wait to sort it and start using it. It was a complete surprise, thanks Fliss I love it.
 Below is another free flower, I have just placed it on my desk, I shall enjoy it here whilst I am reading your blogs.
It's another hot sunny day here, we are fore caste for a couple more hot days, which is a bonus at this time of year, I don't remember this type of hot weather in October before, But we are going out on the motor bike later, which should be fun and cool.
I have only done a small amount of my cross stitch I am stitching one area in white, then I shall add coloured back stitch to form the pattern, I have also decided how I will do the boarder, I want to incorporate different stitches as well and threads.
I have also been on the net and purchased a sampler for this designer, the romantic sampler is to my taste. I just have to wait for the payment to clear and then it's mine, I have a feeling Winter Watergarden is being pushed back.


  1. Your tote is GORGEOUS . . . my kind of colors and style. DO you know where Fliss got the pattern? I'd like to make one for myself.

  2. Took me ages but it was worth it, lovely happy colours xxxxx



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