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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Slow progress

 I have done some more on my new piece, I don't even have a name for it. I got bored with the white so I thought I would start on the outer border.

I miss counted and only have 9 rows between the green and purple, it should have been ten, so I had to change my design, I sat and looked at all my silks in the drawer and picked bright orange, not a colour I would normally use, with the lemon, and then balanced the pattern, I love fat and thin rows, I'm not sure if this will be the only pattern on this outside panel, I do have an idea forming in my head.
 I got the pattern for the Romantic Sampler yesterday, it's perfect for me, I already have the colours in my stash and the linen to start, I will use a larger count which will make the design smaller. It's very hard to not start it straight away. I do know it will be done before I get going with Winter Watergarden, which is still not calling me.
I am also trying to read a book by Stephen Fry, I do love to listen to him on TV, and I am enjoying his books, he has such a good command of words, I must admit some of them I have had to look up. Work is also very busy at this time, but once I am home it's finished.

I am finding if I sleep well, I wake up with loads of aches, which does get a bit better in the day, if I sleep badly I don't ache so much but I am tired all day, can't win. The weather is normal again for the time of year, back to wind and rain. But it's warm and snug inside.

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