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Saturday, 8 October 2011


 I have done a bit more to my stitching, but it has been a busy week, and with my time divided between a good book, sewing and friends, the sewing is coming along slowly, and in the background the Romantic sampler is calling me........................
Had a good day, hair cut first thing, looking more and more like my old self, time with my happy hubby, a Welshman who is very pleased with his national ruby team, last team for UK still playing.
We are having a night in with a nice home cooked meal, I have just made blackberry and apple crumble, with custard, 1st of the X Factor live finals tonight, bliss, and another day off work tomorrow.

Please pop to my daughter Fliss's bog, photo heavy with my cute grandson Sammy....


  1. Blackberry and apple crumble . . sounds SO GOOD! Is there a recipe for it? I am a blackberry fan.

    ANd, I just want to pinch your grandson's cheeks . . he IS a cutie, Grandma!

  2. Go Wales!! They played so well, I was always going to be sad for whichever team lost that game, as I love both Ireland and Wales!
    I am going to both of the semis next weekend in Auckland so will be cheering on your hubby's beloved Welsh boys to beat France.
    Hope you've enjoyed your stitchy Saturday.



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