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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Christmas Tree Cat

 Yesterday I did a quickie, 
Christmas tree cat by Brittercup Designs, it took just a couple hours to stitch.

I changed a few things, used DMC silks, with Treasure Braid BB59, which is a black/Silver thread for the whiskers, and I put Mill Hill red seed beads, #02013 instead of the Kreinik red thread.

 I will make it into a decoration for my Christmas tree, it's not the tradition here in UK to make these types of decoration, but as from last year I have a 6 foot tree, so it will fit on well.
I think I might stitch a few more for cards, they are quick and so effective, the pattern I got from Just Cross stitch, Christmas Ornaments 2011, from the USA.

 We popped in to see Joshy who is covered in spots, Chicken Pox for a six year old boy is no fun,we had loads of emergency vehicles in our town centre yesterday, from very old to very modern, all the kids loved it. I did take photo's for Josh to see, but it's not the same.

Just going to pop my Christmas cake in the oven, I am making two, one for us and the second in an oblong tin to cut into two small squares for Su and Fliss's hubby Steve. Then I'm off  to spend time in the garden, getting everything ready for the colder weather.


  1. I'm in the mood for Christmas now.

  2. I have always put whatever I like on my tree . . . be it traditional Christmas ornament to a laminated ticket from a hockey game the husband and I went to.

    What I always liked was putting otnaments on the tree that had been given to me . . . I would re-live my experiences with each individuas each time I put up my tree.

    So, enjoy your non-traditional cat ornament . . . I think it might have to be made here for my cousin who has one of the siblings to my three youngest.

  3. Oh, I think it'll make a lovely ornament. Be careful who you give embroidered cards to - my mother threw hers away after Christmas! Gill x

  4. I love you cat ornie. I have a few of these designs I would like to stitch.



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