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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dam, blast and bother.................

Yep I have miscounted on the pattern, and here's my problem, lower green band is to high and as I matched the darker band it's all in the wrong place.
If I try and remove the darker panel, it will mark the fabric, and I wanted to do loads of open stitching here. I love the green panels, they look so light and textured and want to do more like this.
 So tonight I am going to try and repair the mistake without removing loads of stitching, which means it could go two ways with out a pattern to guide me. I am going to carry on stitching the blue square in the middle, but I am going to make is quirky and not central. This was never going to be a balanced piece.
 On a brighter note, my orchid has flowered again, I still have two in our sitting room, left over from last month, on our anniversary. so this graces my desk in the office, it is the sunniest room in the house, so the orchid will love it here.
Not much else has happened this week, work is just work, I did pop to Hobbycraft today, I brought the silks for the Romantic Sampler, they have not yet put out their Christmas stuff, we also popped into Next and Laura Ashley, I wanted to buy some Christmas bunting for Fliss, but at £25 it was expensive, I think we are going to try and make some. Sorry Fliss I was thinking of you!


  1. Frustrating miscount! I do hope you can repair it as planned. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (imaginary, because stitching will not go well otherwise).

  2. Oh no! I hate when you find you have miscounted! Hope you manage to sort it...good luck!

  3. I always love to see how other stitchers deal with counting errors. I think your piece is gonna be extra special if you are able to tweak enough to your liking!

    Beautiful orchids!!!



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