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Saturday, 22 October 2011


I have done some more stitching and I think I can save it, the centre square is wonky and I have a plan to off set it, I did manage to finish all the white stitching, very boring, but I am going to over stitch this area with a pattern.


The photo below is not best quality, but it does show the whole design so far

I have had the last of my magazines from America for this year, 
there is loads inside which is calling to be stitched, 
I know I am going to get my silks out for Christmas Cat Tree, by Brittercup Designs.

And once again they are back in our lives, on Tuesday Sammy is one year old, time has gone by so quickly, and for his birthday, mummy has suggested Teletubbies, he loves the purple one, I don't know their names, so below is his birthday treat. I have also go him a Teletubbies sing along and dance DVD, The card in the back ground I made for him, with felt letters for his name.
We do not have alot planned for this weekend, off to town shortly for a few things, then a DIY shop, and home for lunch, afternoon in the garden, doing a tidy before the real cold weather hits us, and they are promising we are going to get it soon, so fingers crossed it misses the south.


  1. I havn't seen Teletubbies on American TV for quite some time. I always found that , if I happened to flip to them when scrolling through channels, that watching them would relax me . . . nothing hectic, just smooth, soft music TV.

    LOVE your sampler so far . . the disjointed squares, or should I say off centered squares really caatch my eye.

  2. Oh my word.. I haven't seen Teletubbies in years. The purple one is Tinky Winky and the green is Dipsy!



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