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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Life's mix ups

 I have stitched for three night's this week, here I'm doing another heart. It's very Kath Kidston, which Fliss my daughter will love, but I think I am stitching for me. I have packed a couple of small projects for a trip next week, so I am looking forward to a craft week.
The joy of having a lawn, hubby now gets the weekly job of cutting it, after having our drought for 6 days, we have just had two days of very heavy rain, so the garden is looking great. Last weekend we cut back our tree, it was getting quite big, it does not look any worst for wear, so I hope it might flower again later in the year.

 Kev's present came yesterday, and he loves it, I'm married to a Welshman, who is very true to his roots and heritage, and moans at me for having so many union jacks around our home, so I searched on the net and found............................
The Welsh dragon, it's full of colour and looks great in our room, it's made of felt, if you are interested I got it from Debenhams, it's the most expensive cushion we own, but I have a happy hubby.

We are packing later today for a week away, Kev will be playing golf for four days, and whilst the hubbies play, us ladies have fun the the spa and craft centre, we went last year, as described here the fore caste is for rain so we won't be sunning ourselves as we did last year, but I am packing loads of cross stitching, and I want to try my hand at a couple of new crafts. I am taking April with me to see if I can frame it myself whilst there. After that Kev and I will spend a couple of days in Somerset with our families. I am taking my ipad so I hope to be able to keep up with you all.

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  1. Enjoy your break. I'm sure the HUbbies will love the golf.. Just think how 'chilled' you'll be after some time in the spa.



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