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Thursday, 9 June 2011

A happy post

 After my last post, in which I moaned, I thought I would show you my other passion

If the weather is good, not raining, this is where I am, I'm not doing much stitching, but I am growing, I have the smallest veg plot, but it's full of things growing. below is another small harvest, red and white onions, radishes. This morning I picked fresh salad leaves for my salad lunch.
 My greenhouse is full, I have flowers on, Tomato's Peppers, Chillies, Aubergine and my Cucumber and Courgette are looking good. I won't get any fruit from my raspberries and strawberries I planted, but that's OK, by next year they should be a good size to fruit.
 Just a couple of roses from the back garden, I love the yellow one, the peach one was one of a few plants in the garden when we arrived here.
Enjoy the sunshine, we have rain later and tomorrow, good for the gardens, but keeps me inside.


  1. Noone can say they have a fresher lunch than you today! Way to eat healthy and organic!

    The flowers are beautiful. HAve a wonderful day!

  2. The roses look lovely Marlene and your little veg plot is lovely too. Hope you enjoyed your fresh salad leaves. We are having home grown salad leaves tonight - yum!

  3. Lovely to see your garden growing, I hope you have a wonderful summer enjoying the fruits(and veges) of your labour!

  4. Lovely flowers. glad you've got some growth in your edibles. Ours are still struggling a little.



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