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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Is it just me

 Somebody please put their hand up now and say it's me as well

Having stitched April, changed my mind with the beads,
waited for the new ones to come, 
and then BANG. 

Why do I do it, why do I think I can be better than the designer
What might you ask, have I done
Looks at the beads in the above photo,
I decided to use a higher dpi linen
so now I have to find more smaller beads,

I'm off to the shops this weekend!

the beads I brought were so lovely
 I have an infestation of mere cats in my garden, they sneaked in over the weekend, they have set up home in my bowl below, do I need to feed them? I have only found three and by the look of things they don't want to move on.

Just a normal week here, still trying to find more time to stitch,


  1. And they were so pretty...

    Yeah, I try to change things all the time and sometimes I get lucky and others - what was I thinking?

    Oh well, gives you a reason to hit the shops - remember, not only are you working on a project but all that shopping is steps you don't have to take later! lol

  2. Ditto what Denise said . . . I ALWAYS seem to put my own spin on a pattern. . . makes it more "me," I guess.

    While you are shopping, check another shop out for me . . then I can count those steps toward my daily total.

  3. I think we are all guilty of trying to stitch an item while changing the designers style. We try to make the item 'us'.
    The beads are in lovely shades of white, pink and blue.
    Are you going to continue on or stop? If you decide to stop why not make something for your dollhouse with it.
    Good luck with the piece. Its still pretty to me!

  4. I'm the same - but I usually end up in trouble because I try to do my own thing! I've just found your blog and love it.



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