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Monday, 20 September 2010

Kittens anyone?

We had a very quiet weekend, popped to a garden centre and brought onions to plant in my garden, also pansies for my pots. We also popped into see Fliss, Steve and Josh, Josh gave us a jar of chutney, he had made it with his dad using the tomatoes they had grown, and had made the labels himself. We have to keep it for a few weeks before we can use it, to allow the flavours to infuse.
I have just 3 squares to go on my cushion front, so I am lining up projects, I want to make some presents for Christmas, Su has placed an order for a cushion, and I have a second one planned for her as a surprise. I will make the second one twice, I want to give one to a good friend, all three will each have a small amount of cross stitch on with some patchwork. The first is my take on a love cushion and the matching two will have the message "Home is where our CATS sleep and play" home will be cross stitch and the word cats will be patchwork using some fantastic cat material I have in my stash.

I also want to make cute kittens.

I got this Japanese book from Amazon, and I fell in love with these cute kittens.

I can't read any instructions in the book, but as always they have good pictures and the pattern pieces, so I just follow them.
I have loads of felt and want to make them in different shades, some a whole colour and others a mix of colours.
Next to the felt is my button box, I was looking for a spare button for something else, in my spare section I have loads of old buttons, I always buy a spare for anything I make and here are a few of the buttons I brought when Fliss was small, each has a memory of a dress or cardigan, most of the real cute ones Fliss has taken for her button box. Most of them are 30 years old.
I have the rest of the afternoon on my own, Kev returned to work after two weeks break. I'm not sure what I will do.


  1. Hi - Can't wait to see your pillows! I love Josh's label. Thanks for stopping by my blog and deciding to hang around. I need to check out your older posts.

    See you soon - Smiles - Denise

  2. The chutney looks great. Looking forward to seeing your cushions that you are making. I couldn't even follow an English pattern never mind another language - no matter how good the pics are!! I love buttons and still have some from when I was a child (too many years ago now!)



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