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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sunshine and gardens

Today Kev is finished most of the office, the bench is in place under the window and my computer is set up, so I am happy, whilst he was labouring inside I spent time in the garden.
I have loads of flowers still in bloom. The tiny pansies below are new, I planted them last month.

I love begonia's and this one is about to bloom, it's a bit late, but I will bring it inside if the weather turns colder.
This fuchsia is by our back door, Grandad watches our door for us.

The flower bed I created this spring is still going well, the dalia has bloomed for months, all I do here is cut away the dead heads. I am very pleased with this area.

My veg plot has some very bare brussels sprouts, the caterpillars have ate all the big leaves, but the sprouts are forming, so I have left them to grow, I planted leeks, Steve my son-in-law grew me some for seeds, I want to get some spring cabbage for my plot as well.

All the painting in the office has been done and the furniture is back in place, Kev worked very hard to get it all done. All we have to do now is bring every thing back in from the spare bedroom.

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