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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sunshine in September

I am sat here in the sunshine,
our bench in front of the window works perfectly on sunny days,
with my favorite cup with hot juice.

The house smells of citrus, I have added the rind and juice of one lemon and two oranges to dried fruit, tomorrow morning I will bake my Christmas cake, I have followed this recipe for twenty years, it makes a 9" round cake. I find using the citrus instead of booze keeps the fruit moist in the cake.
I have now finished stitching my cushion cover,
I sat up late last night to finish it.
I am so pleased with the end result, it is a bit smaller than I wanted
but I will size it up with the fabric.

I am now going to start on my cushions for Christmas presents as described in my last post.
I also want to do some more small Christmas stitching.

These cards I made earlier in the year and I want to do a few more.

I have a large pile of ironing calling, I did not feel well enough to do any last week, so I am off to get it done, I hate ironing, but hate more to see a huge pile in the basket.

I had chemo yesterday, but with a change of drugs and am not feeling to bad today, I have two more sessions to go, so will be finished in November, Christmas is a family affair this year with all three daughters and their families (2 mine, 1Kev's) coming for the day, so we are planning a great time as I should be feeling much better.


  1. You make your Christmas cards?!?! Geez - I'm lucky if I get them out on time and I buy mine from the store. I am hanging my head in shame.

    Your quilt/stitching is amazing! You are making it into a cushion? Wow!

    Smiles - Denise

  2. Ironing is done, as is housework, going for a shower now, hubby on his way home and we are off for a coffee and nice cake in village

  3. I'll be making my Christmas cake too soon, but Bath is calling (the place not the bathroom!!) So that will have to wait till October and that is in a couple of weeks too, where has this year gone? The cushion is really beautiful and you have inspire me - watch my blog...
    Julie xxx

  4. All the Christams stitchings are so cute! I'll be lucky if I even finish one Xmas design till the end of the year!

  5. Wait, is that going to be a fruitcake? I haven't had fruitcake in years. Everyone I know doesn't seem to care for it.
    The cards are so cute! Kudos to you for actually making and mailing your cards out! It's a good year if I manage to send out a Christmas email!

  6. I not working this year, so I have more time on my hands and less money, Christmas will be loads of homemade presents, I am lucky to be able to make nice things, my girls have placed orders with me on what they would like, I'm hoping the new chemo drug will be kinder to me, it should be.



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