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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Multi tasking

We swapped cards this morning, no gifts
tonight we have a nice meal planned, and an evening in together. 
 I'm reading again
Then She Was Gone, was a very good story,  most of the time you can work out what is coming, the ending was believable. 
Just starting Faking Friends
 I'm playing, I have no designs, just two different yarns, I want it for an everyday use, so I am liking the dark colours. 
 My day
We popped to Lidl and restocked our freezer, ensuring all the larger packs of meat have been separated into portions for two, which generally make our meal with a leftover portion. We also popped to a local shop, Cook, they have ready prepared meals using whole foods, we got 6 of their perfect individual pies, 3 each for hubby and I in flavours we love, these pies are uncooked and frozen, we can cook them from frozen, a nice treat in our freezer, we also got a beef wellington for tonight. We then popped to our local butchers for sausage meat for sausage rolls for Will's birthday tea, we got a few different flavour sausages for our freezer.
Hubby will make the sausage rolls, I am making cheese straws and Quiche, all for Saturday's party, we are having a baking morning on Friday. 
Today I aim to finish Will's gifts, I have a couple of cushion inner's to make, I purchase pillows and cut them down for cushion pads, I can make the cushion any size and ensure the pad is full and soft. I would like to make some bunting using off cuts of the quilt material, but I'm not sure daughter would use them. So I am home alone with my sewing machine, it's cold and dull outside, so no plans to be outside.


  1. Happy Valentines to you too :-)

  2. We have one of those Cook shops in Wells, I think, will have a look in there the next time we go. The new crochet throw is coming along well, you're really cracking on with it now.

  3. You are really speeding ahead with the throw. We don't do valentines as such. But I did get tea and toast in bed!

  4. I hope you got plenty done on your sewing machine yesterday and that you enjoyed a lovely evening in together. It will be all systems go now for the party on Saturday, a year already, it doesn't seem two minutes, does it? I've just caught up with your last post, the blankets are fabulous, you certainly whipped them up in no time at all. Such lovely colours.

  5. Where did that year go to, I remember you showing Will's picture just after the birth.
    Faking Friends was on the Top 10 shelf at the library on Tuesday, i'll be interested to see what you think of it.



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