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Thursday, 3 August 2017

WIP cross stitching

This is on one set of hoops
I want to finish it for Christmas
I last stitched here 
 Another WIP on hoops 
I last stitched this here
 This is my current stitching, not done much to it
I last stitched it here 
I love this design, but it is stitched one over two, which I have never done before and I was struggling with. So I packed it away.
 It is stunningly beautiful
it's on my radar to get finished. 
The sparkly threads and beads bring this stitching to life. 
My tea towels purchased for the fabric.
I have some heavy duty pale green cotton fabric, 
I can use for lining and handles. 
I have had a busy time so far this week, but I can't list what I have been doing, the days have run away with us, we have spent time with friends, babysat Will, and I have had a stash sort out. So basically enjoying the time to myself this week.
How quickly I have slowed down on clock watching, knowing I have tomorrow to finish things and if not, next week will do.
We are planning a BBQ on Saturday, my family and loads of our friends coming, just keeping everything crossed the weather is dry. We have been to Lidl's for extra food, we were both very good and only put food into our trolley, it is so easy to add other items and bump the cost up.
My back I thought was improving, I had a good night's sleep and woke up without pain, but having Will here today, playing with him on the floor, where he loves to be, I am in pain again. If by next week it has not improved I have promised hubby I will seek help.


  1. Please be careful with your back, you want to be able to enjoy your BBQ.
    Your WIPs are just lovely. I would love to be able to attempt something like that. I especially like the Christmas one. X

  2. Love your Christmas one in particular. Hope your back eases.

  3. Back pain is so debilitating isn't it Marlene? Especially if it's long term. Hope the yoga class next month sorts you out, if the pain's not gone by then.

    You do such beautiful (and tiny!) stitchwork, you must have so much patience.

  4. Here in Suffolk we can refer ourselves for physio on NHS - it's brilliant...... has sorted me out twice.
    You have several pieces to finish!

  5. Sorry to hear about your back problems, I know from experience how painful it can be. Your work is brilliant you are so talented.

  6. Back pain is rotten, I know how you feel. Take care and don't over do it. Lovely WIPs, I'm not patient enough to do anything like that.

  7. I love that Christmas design. Take care of that back ,when they hurt everything else seems to hurt!

  8. You've got so many lovely projects on the go. My Joyful World has been put to one side for quite a while now, still only the first three months done, but I'm sure I'll get back to it eventually. Back pain is no fun at all, do try to rest as a little relaxation can make all the difference.

  9. Lots of pretty projects you will be working on.
    Fingers crossed for some evening sunshine for your BBQ.

  10. What beautiful projects you are working on, Marlene. Just lovely! I hope that back pain eases for you, I have a bit of a wonky shoulder and have found Bowen Therapy helps me a lot. Meg:)

  11. Here in Suffolk we can refer ourselves for physio on NHS - it's brilliant...... has sorted me out twice.




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