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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

August, my new life

July was a very low spent month
I spent most on the bargains from my last post, but I see them as investments for my future garden. I got 4 reduced plants from B&Q for £6.50 to fill in a few gaps in the garden.
 I also got a couple of cotton tea towels for my sewing stash. 
I have a healthy £62.56 under spend to use with this months £70, when I redo my side garden. 
 My shed was a tip, 
so on Sunday I pulled every thing out and sorted, 
I had loads of space when finished.
 Had a go at the greenhouse as well 
 This is my lovely nasties shelf, 
 Kiwi seedling is now getting much bigger
 Poinsettia has so much new growth 
I aim to have this for celebrations this Christmas 
I have read how to get the leaves red
 Walnut sapling has doubled in size. 
This pot should be it's home for a long while. 
 Two more books
In Bitter Chill - great read
The Quality of Silence - not really my type of book
but I did read it all
It's been a busy few days,
Sunday we spent time in the garden, I was working at the back section, my growing area, I was in a tidy mood, so the shed was sorted.
We had friends over on Monday for lunch, later family arrived from Derby, we had a BBQ on Monday evening, Will and mummy came and cousins met for the first time.
Today after the family had left for their next part of their holidays, we had Will whilst mummy popped into her work, sorting her new hours for when she returns in January.  We took Will for a long walk, we later met mummy in a local shop where we stopped for coffee.
Tonight it's just the two of us, so a lazy evening. I need to rest because on Monday morning whilst giving the house a quick clean, I twisted my back, really stupid thing to do and it hurts. I am OK walking slow, but I can't bend and standing from sitting, I look as if I have aged 30 years. Not the start I had planned for my new life, but it does stop me rushing about, I have to remember I have more time to do things.


  1. Fabulous plants. Love the poinsettia. Take care with your back.

  2. You are accomplishing a lot! Take good care of that back though. It's wonderful that you get to spend so much time with family,especially little Will and his parents.

  3. Oh no ...I hope you are soon pain free, not a good start to your retirement.
    Lots of lovely pricklies on your cactus shelf, my DH has a few in his greenhouse too.



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