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Friday, 11 August 2017

Week two

Will came over today, so loads of floor play
he is 6 months old next week
He is now sitting in a highchair and eating selected foods
He was good with lunch and even drank water from a new cup
 I am a coffee drinker, never instant always fresh, we have a filter coffee maker, which when we are both home it's cost effective.  When I am home alone or hubby wants to drink tea, I don't often put the coffee pot on. Solution at our local Co-op, 10 bags reduced to £2.49, I got a pack, liked the coffee so I went back and got a few more packs whilst they are on special.  
More saving money, trip to our local library
This time I got four new authors. 
 We planted the hydrangea in a corner spot, 
looks a bit small, but give it a couple of years.  
 Hubby was driving disabled children today, 
took a trip to Fishers Adventure Farm Park, 
he had 3 hours there by himself, and promises next year to take Will for a visit.
I love metal birds and had been looking for a small chicken, hubby saw this and thought of me. He also loved the over sized hedgehog and he came home as well. 
I really enjoyed having Will this morning, mummy came home early afternoon and we walked to the nice coffee shop for a thank you treat. It's great watching Will with people, he loves everyone, we sat close to an elderly lady who took a shine to Will, he smiled and grunted to her delight.
I managed to do a small tidy of the garden early this morning, everything is looking good. Win's nephew was in the house next door today and has gifted me two large lovely pots, plus an Azalea which I will pot up.
I am home alone for a couple of days, hubby has gone on a golf weekend, with the promise of dry weather it should be fun for him. I have no plans, hubby took my car, so no transport, so two days at home for me.


  1. I can't stand instant coffee anymore, we only have one for elevenses, I like your new animals.

  2. That is the first photo I have seen of will. What an adorable little guy. Enjoy all your time with him, they grow up so fast. My grand baby started middle school this year! Little sister starts kindergarten next fall.

  3. Will is absolutely adorable. What a gorgeous photo. I've not been to our library in a long time but I might just nip in next week. Although I'm not short of books to read as my Ma in law keeps giving me them! She gets them off a lady, who gets them off a lady etc! Lovely little Hydrangea - do you know what ph your soil is? It changes the colour of the flowers you know! I once put a blue one ( what else?!) in and the year after it came back pink! Enjoy your hubby free weekend! X

  4. Don't they grow up so quickly, he'll be crawling before you know it. The metal chicken is lovely and I like the hedgehog too.

  5. I have both types of coffee. I have a one cup plunger cafeteria and a filter machine when there is more of us.

  6. Enjoy the peace and doing your own thing.

  7. I've been recommended the Shadow Sisters, you'll have to let us know what you think to it.

  8. Is it so wrong of me to envy you a couple of days alone?

    Before M. retired he often went away and I loved the quiet that descends over the house when I am the only one in it . . .



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