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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mix it up

Hubby got this hydrangea for the front of the house
we have a large untidy pot we will move and plant this in the corner
He is enjoying taking over the front of the house.
 The owner of our lovely local shoe shop is retiring
so he has a sale on, I could not resist these at half price
I will miss the shop, I often get shoes in their sale
I enjoyed this book about and American farming family
set through 60's,70's & 80's
 My neighbour has swapped some books with me.
both authors are new to me.
I have started the stolen child, but it's a bit hard going
I have had problems with my wormery, they have been escaping
The original kit did not have enough 'earth', the rain got inside and was washing the small amount away, and so the worms moved on. I ordered more coir, which the worms love, a mat for the bottom tray to stop the worms getting away, and another pack of worms. The bottom tray is almost full, but I can lift some of the coir into the next tray as the bottom tray fills. I have sited it in the corner of my side garden, it's in the shade all afternoon and evening. 
I spent yesterday with daughter and baby Will, we popped to Southampton for a few hours, daughter had a few tasks to do, I was very good and made only 1 purchase, I got a cheap cotton grey sheet and a pair of darker grey pillowcases, daughter wants a reading wigwam in Will's room, and the sheet is the cheapest way to get the fabric. I will also use the sheet as backing to Will's cot quilt, which I have been pattern designing.
Today we woke up to an over caste sky, hubby has popped to drive his ladies to their lunch club, a task he loves, and will be back mid afternoon. I plan to stay inside, later I have a sewing job for my young neighbour, she is loosing her milk teeth and we are going to make her a tooth fairy cushion with pocket.
Nothing else on my radar, I am enjoying this week again in holiday mode, soon I will start bringing more structure into our days, I am also trying to get my steps back up, my back is pain free, but it's not completely gone away, so I am taking care.


  1. The hydrangea is lovely, such a delicate pink, and I love your new shoes. What a shame the shop is shutting down, it's like most shops these days, independent ones closing leaving only the high street names where we can buy our shoes.

  2. Lots of interesting things going on there.

  3. Nice shoes, our local shoe shop closed earlier this year too, like many little shops they just cant afford to compete with the bigger stores...sad!

  4. I do like the pretty soft color of the hydrangeas. It is so nice that you are able to spend so much time with Will.

  5. Interesting . . milk teeth. I haven't heard that term for a long time. Here we call the 1st teeth a child has their "baby teeth." But, I think, I remember them being called milk teeth when I was young.

  6. I am envious of your beautiful hydrangea. The couple I planted a few years ago did not take but I'm going to try again next Spring.



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