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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Material girl

These fabrics was added to my stash last weekend
These fat quarters are for hexagons, 5 lovely designs
 These larger pieces just to enhance my Christmas fabric's
I do like to have a good choice
 More Christmas themed fat quarters
 This really old book, has loads of templates in.
I got a copy on ebay for £2.80
 Holiday reading, all second hand
I loved The Dandelion Years
 My question last time, what do I use this for.
Get a bucket of water, submerse into the water, place thumb over hole at the top, and lift out of the water, hold over plant and remove your thumb from the hole, water flows from the bottom. It can also be filled with water and left on top of the soil and the water will slowly drip out, it's great, I love it, just a bit of fun.
I have already placed the table given by my sister, in my greenhouse and it is full of plants, I have a huge pot with Basil and a big pepper plant on the bottom ledge, and two big trays without holes in the bottom, sitting on the top, the table top should stay dry and clean. Once my tomato plant is finished I will have loads of room. 
I have a confession, the stash fabric above has blown my budget, and my plans to save £200.00 on last years spend is threatened,  you know what it is like, sisters, ladies of a certain age shopping together, I have about £20 left for the rest of the year to stay on plan, oh well there is always next year.
I am planning to make Christmas bunting for our house, and a few Christmas gifts, my sister loved her work bag made here, and has suggested I make her a shopper.
We are eating all the stuff in the fridge, we have just 3 days before we fly off to the sun, I have most of what we require, it's going to be a restful week away, loads of reading, walking and a couple of cocktails, it just can't come soon enough.


  1. Some of your purchases have been bargainous though so you've made lots of savings there. I like the new fabric you've bought, especially that anchor design.

  2. Great fabric choices! I truly believe you can't have too mush fabric!

  3. Nice fabric! And looks like you found some good books too.

  4. I bet you're really looking forward to your holiday. I do love patchwork, but sewing is just not for me, crochet is my thing.

  5. Clever watering gadget, not seen one of those before.
    I too loved the Dandelion Years book.

    Have a lovely holiday.



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