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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Bargain shopping

Wilko's have their end of season sale on
Our friend who works there told us Christmas starts next week!
Lights £2.00, seeds £1 per pack
 I loved this rabbit, but would not pay £15.00 for him
at £7.50 he came home with us today
 Just a £1.00 and loads of fun
 Later walking past out local shoe shop
these were priced at £2.99, 
I got a pair last year reduced from £9.99 to £6.99
so these are a great bargain. 
 I had to unpick my knitting, I could not get the pattern right
so I am please I have done so much, 
this is the back of a sleeveless top. 
Lovely to see the bee's in our garden
this little fellow stopped long enough for me to get a photo. 
It was good to pop into town this morning, again we were not in there long, as the 1st Saturday in the month there was a farmers market, but in truth there were not many stalls. It is very over caste here and we are expecting rain, but we are going out in the garden soon.
Hubby purchased for me another bird feeder pole, I am moving the seed hangers, the birds throw the seeds every where, one feeder has been all around our garden, the seeds always grow when they hit the ground. So we are placing over the concrete path in front of my green house, the pigeons will eat all the seeds on the ground.
Next weekend my sister is visiting, she has had new decking in her garden and is bringing me a few of the better quality lengths from her old decking, hubby will make me a small raised bed to sit under our rose arch, all the seed I purchased this morning will be put in this bed, I am planting a cut flower bed, so I shall have flowers inside next summer. Plus it makes a corner which is getting messy again into a tidy spot.


  1. Great bargains again. Your new little corner garden sounds lovely.

  2. I love the lights, well done on waiting for the Rabbit to be cheaper.

  3. Sounds like a very productive day! I love the colours in your knitting but there's nothing so irksome as having to pull it back! I love that rabbit and would have had to bring him home too! In fact I might order Mr 19 to pop in to see if our Wilkos have one- he works in town! It's rained all day here but the HG took me to Waitrose so I could pick up some more of the gorgeous dark blue/purple tulips for planting in next few weeks. I've also been for a good old 4 hour chinwag at my best friends! Now lounged on my bed recovering from a too hot bath!

  4. Some great shopping. I know what you mean about the birds. We can only feed them in the winter because they make such a mess on the deck, we couldn't use it. That is the only spot we have where we can see the birds.



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