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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Last look

We spent a day in the Parque Nacional, and El Teide
The air up here was thinner, so not too much walking around
we took a guided tour by coach, and learn't loads of interesting information
 The volcano in the back ground is the highest point on the island
It last erupted back in 1909, and now is dormant 
everywhere was barren, this location is often used in films depicting other worlds
They also make Audi car advert's here, the roads are long and straight. 
 We traveled down towards the south side of the mountains 
at this point we are above the cloud line, 
it was just like you see from an airplane window.
 Very surreal, but stunning
so clean, white, fluffy and huge
 The peak of El Teide, way above the cloud level
 We travelling through the cloud
the pine forest was like this most of the way down 
 It felt as if it was a set on Hammer House of Horror
Later in our week
We went to Jardin de Aclimatacion
it was created in 1792 to collect different species of tree's and vegetation. 
 Just a few photo's of the stunning things growing there
 What a wonderful water feature
 The tree's are huge and up to 200 years old
Most of the plants are past their flowering stage, but it was a beautiful place, loads to see, a pleasant afternoon with loads of shade. Hubby and I took loads of photo's on both locations.
So now back to normal routine, work and home. It's much cooler but as yet no heating on at home, I am hoping not before the weekend, when it will be October, we do not have a working gas fire in our sitting area, and I won't use our electric fan, so if we feel cold the heating has to be used. we have put our thicker quilt on the bed, I do love the weight of the quilt, keeps us both warm.
My thoughts are turning to Christmas presents, I have asked Dawn for help, she is doing me some names for making bunting and also a book cushion for our grandsons, Once I have the material with the letters on, I can make the bunting for their bedroom. I have a couple of bags to make, and a couple of small makeup/craft pouches. I am also thinking of picking up my cross stitch, I am a couple of months behind with my Joyful World and I want to finish my Christmas Tree.


  1. It all seems so long ago once you're home and back in to the routine again, doesn't it, it doesn't take long. I've got to own up and admit to having the heating on already, only for an hour each day for the last couple of days, it's just got so cold all of a sudden. We don't use a fire either, just the central heating.

  2. That was such an interesting place to visit! Our weather is quite nice. We even had the windows open today. This week-end is suppose to bring rain and much cooler temps!

  3. I've just picked up the Joyful again and I'm way back on Julys..... Nice pics.

  4. Glad you had a good time away, enjoy the happy memories and your upcoming Christmas plans! xx

  5. Missd your pots . . the pictures are gorgeous.



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