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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Garden additions

How good do these look
 They are just lent against the fence for these photo's
now they are in my shed until next spring.
I have fresh strawberries forming on my plants 
and loads of new growth on the raspberries
I used loads of mulch here
 A very full table, using all the space it gives me
I have not lost any floor space.
It just fits in the space perfectly.
 These are beautiful, loads of my flowers are going over now. 
Some I am leaving to go to seed for me and the birds. 
I have loads of pale pink sweet pea's pods drying on the plant
 These Violets are beginning to spread,
I love their perfect tiny flowers. 
I have done no craft, it's a busy week in the office, ensuring everything is finished by Friday, the muggy weather does not help, I have been resting and watching TV most evenings. I do get into the greenhouse each evening, my pepper and chilli plants are all fruiting well, I have done the 1st earthing up of my potatoes, only 2 out of the 4 show signs of growth. It look as if we might get some rain tonight, which would help our garden, we do have the threat of thunder storms which would ensure every where is well watered.
I have loaded loads of books onto my iPad, I prefer to have a real book, but as I read so quickly, it makes sense to read from my iPad on holiday. We have not done any packing, most everything I require in in my wardrobe, all I have to buy is more sun tan lotion and pack, the temperature in Tenerife today was 29+c, which is great for us.


  1. Sounds like the birds will be feasting. Still getting strawberries, I hope we get a better crop next year xx

  2. They look very good against the fence really stylish.
    I have two of those violets I just love them.

  3. I woke up to thunder this morning and we've had plenty of rain, you'll be glad to leave it all behind and get to Tenerife.

  4. Your garden still looks great. I like the trellis' you took the photo of and that table works perfect in the greenhouse.

    ENjoy your vacation :)

  5. Lucky you going to Tenerife. Have a super holiday.

  6. Have a lovely holiday.
    I caught the squirrel eating his way through a sunflower stalk and dropping the head to the floor to enjoy a nibble this morning, the little rascal.

  7. Your gardening is very beautiful ♥




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