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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Garden in photo's

Still loads of colour in our garden
 These two pots always have so much colour
Hubby cleared the brambles from the top of my shed
they grow from the garden behind us
 Lots going on inside the greenhouse
Cyclamens seed and corns under cover
I have re-potted my spider plant
and my miniature garden 
 Lemon plant
 Orange plant
I don't have a lime plant, 
I keep buying limes without pips in. 
 Loads here 
 I have a fantastic mixture of seeds for my cut flower bed
I love this corner with the old chimney pot
 the new place for the bird seed feeder
 Full range of feeders
We have finished in the garden, I do love to potter for an hour when I can.  Later we are off for a walk, here, I'm taking a plastic food container to collect wild blackberries, we have seen loads of berries, just hope there is enough to pick this afternoon.


  1. Your garden looks lovely and you've still got so much colour. Your geranium has got such interesting leaves, who says we need flowers for colour? I've taken a few cuttings from my geraniums as Mick's auntie was admiring them, they really need potting up now but I've run out of compost, I'll have to buy a new bag.

  2. Your garden is looking lovely, I am torn between growing a bit of veg in the area by the greenhouse and making it into a flower bed for cutting , do you have trouble with Starlings? we have had to put wire around the bird table and will maybe have to do the same with the feeders.

  3. Your garden is lovely, so much colour and lots going on, makes it really interesting to look at xx

  4. You are catching me up with your bird feeders. I should have emptied and cleaned them this weekend but faffed about in my craft room instead. It's supposed to be lively and warm next week ( blooming typical back at work full time ) but will do it one night after tea!

  5. The garden still looks so pretty. In fact, your whole yard looks great!

  6. Love how you do your garden, I have plans for a cut flower area must start planning what, I would like some Dahlias must look at whats out there and perhaps some summer flowering bulbs. :-)

  7. Your garden is looking lovely, mine is in desperate need of a cut back x

  8. A lovely feast for your birds, the garden does look very inviting.



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