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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Under 3 to go

Working on box 7, I finished box 11.
 This is coming along well, I do enjoy stitching
I did loads whilst watching the final of the voice last night, it was a shame there could only be one winner, all four finalist were brilliant.
 I did manage an hour in the garden, in between rain, I have planted on my carrot and beetroot seedlings. The seedlings in my greenhouses are growing, I should have loads to plant out. I Also purchased these this week, I love bleeding heart and never owned one, so for now it is in a pot to see how well it grows. It looks as if we are going to have more rain, so we are in for the evening.
 We had visitors this afternoon, this is Oliver, I used to work with his dad, who is much younger than us, but we all get along. Ollie is 5 months old and full of fun and laughter, he is not yet crawling, so he is a lap baby.
Hubby spent a couple of hours added a wire top to our wooden fence, the woman next door is letting out more and more cats, there must be at least 10 now free, and they are jumping into our garden, so now they will not be able to jump over the fence. Our neighbour on the other side of the cat woman added a wire top and stopped the cats jumping the fence into her garden.
It's been a nice afternoon here, tea will be ready soon, we have Mediterranean potatoes, fish and veg, very healthy, with Easter biscuits and coffee later. I love the spices in Easter biscuits and soon they will be gone from the shops.
It's been a great weekend, can't wait for next weekend, more of the same, I hope.


  1. Good luck with your Bleeding Hearts. Love them too, but have never had luck with the.

  2. Wonderful progress Marlene. I so love that design and the colors.


  3. Awww Ollie is a sweetie!
    Lots stitched, its looking super.

  4. Oliver is cute:) your sewing as always looks terrific. You're certainly keeping busy in the garden. Love bleeding hearts and had a few - our main problem was with the length of the stems when it was windy as they would snap but I love the delicate colours on them.



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