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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday garden fun

The weather has been beautiful here in our part of Hampshire, 
warm sunny days, the sky tells the whole story.
 The tree is full of bird feeders, they are always full, winter and summer, the starlings (thugs), regularly feed, here, even when we are sat close, they have no fear. Another sign of summer the wind chimes are back out.
 I have planted in one greenhouse my cucumbers, one normal the other cucamelon, a bushy plant with very small fruit, they come from central America. With a few spare in pots to pass on.
 The greenhouses are full, loads of seedlings, peppers, salad items and loads of flowers for all around the garden and pots.
 Behind our garage, here we had a water butt, log store and this compost container, we have lifted the paving slabs, ready for the hard task of digging all the compost from the container.
 Pat on the back time, there was alot of compost in the bin, most have been used on our garden and in my tubs, I have flattened the ground and spread the sand, all we have to to now is relay the paving slabs. This area is almost ready for the delivery of my new shed later this week.
 So our final part of the task, a cold drink in the sun shine, it's nice to see the doors open. The sun shine today was really warm, the down side, I had the hose out to water the garden.
We have spent alot of time with Fliss, she was with us all last evening, and for a while today, she has gone to the gym, she loves a good workout, then an early night ready for work tomorrow.
We have been out for a ride on the bike, still a bit cool, but loads of bikers every where, we had a coffee at our local bikers cafe, sat looking at about an 100 bikes.
I have not picked up my stitching, but I do plan to stitch tonight, I love to be out in my garden as soon as the sun shines, I am not a great gardener, but I do like to potter.
Hope your weekend was fun.


  1. Looks to me as though you are a pretty great gardener and kudos to you for encouraging birds as well.

  2. Its lovely when we can get into the garden isn't it. Looks like you have been very busy
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. My you've been busy. The area for your shed looks good. Looking forward to seeing the cucumbers. Starlings really are thugs aren't they? :) you'll hopefully get more days out on the bike :)



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