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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Here comes summer

Well not quiet, but Bluebells, I love them, these I have taken from the front garden to the back. This space is looking very good.
 Peony time, I already have 10 buds, 
I love this plant.
 Loads of promise in the greenhouse, 45 french Marigolds little plants all growing to perfection, my twisted willow, loads of new growth, and more flower seeds, many different flowers, probably to many for my little garden.
 These roses fell into my shopping basket, 
the orchid is lasting well. 
 Dave the bear has been closer to my stitching this week than me, he sit's waiting each day, I wish he could sew, think how much we would get done.
 I have done some work on box 12, 
the outer box is finished
 At lunch time I went for a walk, our local park was full of people enjoying the sunny afternoon, just inside the gate, the blue sea of Bluebells welcomed me, in the middle of the city, what more can you ask for.
This has been a challenging week for our family, one daughter so full of sorrow, brought on by a man who was a cheat and a liar, and another daughter whose world is coming together after her marriage broke down. As a mum who can only watch and support, it has been a hard week. Yesterday I had with both daughters, it is wonderful to see how they support and love each other, we did manage to have some laughter together.
Soon it will be the weekend, our garden calls, my shed will arrive next week, so we have to prepare the area, I also want to get some paint, we have decided to paint inside pink.


  1. I love it when flowers just fall into my shopping basket :)

  2. You're bluebells are out just ahead of ours - love to see them :) your garden is coming along nicely. Hope your daughters are both okay and they've got wonderful support from you.

  3. Wishing happiness for your daughters, it's hard being a mum sometimes.
    Your plants look wonderful in the greenhouse.



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