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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Stitching, Almost there

I have found time to do some stitching, not too much, 
but I do hope to finish square 7 tonight, 
This is pure bliss
 My ORT's in their new jar, loving all the colours.
 I have completed under the tree, I wanted this to look neat, I have a Hosta growing in the chimenea, we stopped using it years ago, on the top is a pot saucer filled with water for a bird bath. In front is our herb garden and at the back our fruit garden.
 This is our one tulip, very pretty.
 The bluebells I transplanted are growing stronger, they look much better in this garden, I have cut back all the daffodils. I am now watching to see what is growing, I have loads in pots ready to fill gaps. It will take a couple of years to get this garden to how I want it.
 I received a plant catalogue yesterday from Sutton Seeds, they show the Cucamelons, which I am growing in my greenhouse, and now I want the Cocktail Kiwis, I will place my order for them to arrive next week. This summer we will have loads of different things to harvest.
Work has been good, very slow, but we have loads of catch up jobs getting done. I can then get an hour in the garden, picking up leaves from the tree, and sat in the sunshine. We do have to lay the paving slabs for the shed to stand on, but that is truly the last big job this year. Hubby has promised me a BBQ soon.
I have a long weekend for Easter, so just two days left at work, we are away from Friday evening until Sunday evening, visiting family, and the weather is promised to be good. Monday will be a day at home.
Paula, a water butt is a large sealed container which stands next to a building (garage) and the rain from the guttering collects inside, with a tap at the bottom to fill my watering can for the flowers.
Laura, I have as yet not finished your rug, I am being very slow, but I promise it will be in the post for early next week.


  1. Marlene your sewing is lovely - the more you do the nicer it is. Your garden is looking terrific. I wish we'd kept our old chiminea like you, I've just been telling my mother in law about your Cucamelons. Have a lovely weekend and don't worry about the rug at all. I'm just so pleased anyway.

  2. Never knew there was an actual name for it :)

  3. Have a lovely Easter, enjoy your time away.



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