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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stitchy Post

I have almost finished the top design for European Cushion, this will sew into a square, I will do a little of each side and then start the next section. I have picked the colours I would like to use on this project, but I do need to plan which colours I will use for each section. 
 At 28cm it will be a good size cushion, which is pleasing, often when I stitch on a higher DPI count the design is too small for a decent cushion. 
28cm is about 11 inches.
 This afternoon we have beautiful sunshine, so a trip into the garden, no jobs to do, everything is up to date. The Raspberries are coming along well. I purchased these two obelisk from Wilkinson's and at £6 each they are a bargain, the best bit is they are both one ring higher, but I won't need that much height, so I have made another frame for a tomato plant. No pretty top but that does not bother me. I have added the net to keep the cats and birds away.
 After moving the Strawberries to a sunny spot, they have started to grow, soft fruit is coming along well. My Blackcurrant and Gooseberry bushes are growing well. I also have a Blackberry in the back corner of the garden which is starting to climb, I don't expect too much fruit this year, but they have all settled in well.
 All I require now is a Blueberry bush, so off to garden center this weekend. Last weekend I got an Olive bush, it's about 4 years old, it's in a green house for the next few weeks.
My Orchid in the sitting room is still in full bloom, my fingers are really green at the moment. 
I hope to use my sewing machine this evening, I have a few items to make up, I have been very lazy in not finishing things. I also have a sewing job for hubby. 
Work is good, busy enough for the time to go by but not manic. 
My first few days of my diet have gone well, I managed to put 3 pounds back on in the last month, some thing to do with Easter. So in May I would like to lose another stone, which is a bit more than I need to lose, but allows me a few pounds to gain once I finish.


  1. Hello

    Your blog is full of beautiful stitching and your garden looks lovely!

  2. A lovely post, your green fingers are certainly very busy.



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