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Friday, 18 April 2014

It's a Good Friday

This stitching is coming along well, this was at the end of Wednesday night, I had two evenings of good stitching time. 
 At the end of last night, I did go out for a couple of hours, but was not sleepy when I got in, so I sat and stitched until past 12pm. I can see the finish line and am racing to get there.
 My shed arrived this morning, hubby has painted each panel twice, the ground is level with the slabs ready for installation, fingers crossed it will be done on Monday. It will fit this space and look perfect.
 I replanted this garden last September, and I am pleased to see plants coming back, this is a beauty. I love the rustic look of this wall, but hubby wants to paint it.
 Peony time, it has 8 buds at this point, another plant which was dug up and replanted, it was only out the ground for a few hours, so no harm has been done.
 Last night whilst out with both daughters, we popped to a few shops and Fliss treated her mum, the colours in this necklace are wonderful, I have loads of summer dresses and tops which will go well with this. I am a lucky mummy.
We have spent the morning in the garden, hubby painting, me just pottering, I have so little to do at this time, loads of seedlings growing, I hope to plant them next month, I just have to watch out for the slugs, they can eat every thing so very quickly.
Later we have a three hour drive to Somerset, tonight and tomorrow we will spend time with Martin and Leannna, my family. Sunday we will have time with Logan, mummy and daddy. We are giving Fliss a lift, she is visiting her dad and will come home with us on Sunday evening.
Monday will be a day at home, building a shed and then maybe our first BBQ of the year.
Su and David are home, they will feed the cats tomorrow and water all my plants.
I am not taking my stitching with me, it's a bit big, so I am taking my tatting stuff, I would love to master it properley.


  1. Your stitching is coming along very well! bet you will be glad to get the shed up.

  2. Lovely stitching Marlene, I'm enjoying seeing your project grow. Sounds like you'll have a lovely weekend full of lots of different things, so I hope that you enjoy it all. Good luck with mastering your Tatting... I am trying to learn to crochet at the moment and finding it quite good fun.



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