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Monday, 21 April 2014


Box 8 is finished, just box 12 to go, I am planning to have this finished by Wednesday, I managed to stitch  last night, once we were back at home. 
Sorry it's not the best of photo's.
 I have already done a bit of this last box, 
so the finish line is very close. 
 I went shopping with my sister on Saturday morning, and these followed me home, The Aquilegia is in my flower bed by the garage. The mace, in the green tub is in my herb garden, not used mace before but I do like the leaves. The Goji is in a large pot, in the greenhouse, this is very new for me. The daisy is waiting I will have to create an area for it to go in.
 Hubby and I spent most of the day in the garden, 1st job adding the wire fencing to stop the cats coming into our garden, then we built the shed, it fits this space behind the garage perfect, the roof was hard to fit, we really needed to be able to get along the sides, but hubby managed to get it together. I will start to sort my stuff and fill it this week. Already I am being teased because it will be a tidy shed.
 Later our daughters came for tea, we did not have a BBQ as promised, but had our food cooked inside and ate outside. Still plenty of time for football, Josh is getting very good. The garden is looking really good.
 Sam had fun with his cars, and playing golf on the decking. 
The green topped storage box has most of the spare garden furniture in, plus my large garden tools, so by next weekend every thing will be in my shed and it can be dismantled ready for Su and David to have in their garden. 
I have moved the strawberry pots down to catch the sunshine all day, in hope they will now start to grow. 
It has tried to rain this evening, but we have done every thing we wanted to do outside, the boys have gone home, they are back at  school tomorrow. I will stitch soon, and rest, hope your Easter break for fun and rewarding as ours.


  1. Congrats on finishing another box Marlene. I so love that design.


  2. Hi Marlene. I love the sampler. I went to the link you provided but cannot figure out where to get the charts. Can you help me?


  3. What a fun get together and the sampler is looking so wonderful.

  4. So close to a finish on this one, its been lovely watching it develop.



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