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Saturday, 26 April 2014

New start and shed update

My first post of European Cushion, this is the outer boarder, I am choosing the colours myself, I am stitching on 32ct Belfast Linen, Pale Lilac, using one thread of DMC. I have to stitch 40 of these centre diamonds along the top, bottom and both sides. 
 Most of this week has been in the garden, and working on my shed, I think you know by now how pleased I am to have my own space. 
I am now adding girly touches, hearts and a silly cow.
 The wooden storage unit we have had for almost 20 years, it spent 15 years in the conservatory of our last house, since we moved here it has been 4 years in the garage, now it's mine, perfect for storage. 
 This nesting box has never been used, where ever I put it the birds stay away, so now it's on the roof of the shed. 
 Hubby put power in today, so I have a clock, I can get lost for hours in the garden, and with this end being so nice, I will sit up here more. I am pleased with the pole and the hanging beakers, our grand sons don't use them any more.
 This is my prized procession, it belonged to my mum, she passed loads of garden tools to me when she sold her house, the handle is so smooth from years of use, and it is the best trowel I have. 
 The twisted willow and Daisey are both planted, I had the purple container, it's not a plant pot, bit it looks good. I love this photo of the garden.
It has been a blustery few days and the last of my spring bulbs are gone, just waiting for it to turn a bit warmer so I can plant out summer bedding plants.

We are having a evening in, Su and David are coming to tea, hubby is cooking a Risotto, and we have some fresh herb bread.
Tomorrow is another day at home, if it is warm a trip out on the bike.



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