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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Catch up, ready to start and a RAK

My heart is coming along well, I was not tired last night and stitched for hours, it was just after 2am when I went to sleep. I did the strawberries on the top left, all the words are done, just the fruit and flowers to go.
 I have lined up my next project, another quickie, I love this Christmas design from Waxing Moon Designs, I have the correct thread and buttons, I also purchased a second set of buttons and when I have finished this I will use it as my next RAK, with the buttons. So watch this space. Tree of life is pushed back a week, not in the mood for it at this time and the frame is a bit big for me to hold.
I am getting about well, very sore but that will pass, loads of bruising, but they will heal, I'm off work for a total of two weeks, I was told I should take 6 weeks, but in my real world of no sick pay,in a small company where someone has to do my work each day, that's not an option. Hubby and daughters are being great.

This afternoon I had Josh with me, he wanted to visit and stay with me to "look after me", he was so very good, he tidied my ipad screen into files, so it's not so busy, he loves drawing and we watched The Wiggles yet again. I then taught him how to play Rummikub, it's a tile game much like cards, he picked it up well and loved it. So I have not packed it away, he will be back at the weekend to have a rematch, I loved playing it with his mum Fliss and Su when they were about the same age.

I'm off can't sit at my desk for too long, I am following you all on my ipad, I could not live with out it now.


  1. I am so sorry that you have not been well lately. Please take very good care of yourself. You are a valuable part of the stitching community and we want you well and present lol.

  2. Beautiful stitching. glad you are feeling better slowly. I understand what you say about no sick leave.

  3. My heart is looking beautiful. I hope you are healing nicely. My family play rummikub,it's addictive. Have a lovely weekend.



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