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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Late summer bank holiday

 We have had a great few days off, most of the time spent at home, but on Sunday we drove to Littlehampton, we have not taken my brother, Martin here before. The black clouds cleared and it was a very nice day.

I have never seen the tide completely out before, the beach is huge, the river Arun runs into the sea here, and all the people are crab fishing mainly with nets, keeping their catch in buckets until the end of the day, when they are put back.
 Further back from the beach, with all the sailing vessels, this is just past the Lifeboat station. It was very busy here, loads of people catching the sunshine. It's a very traditional resort, I just love it here.
 Sweet flowers has been released and I started stitching last night, with Martin here, I did not pick up my stitching, it's been a busy few days. I am keeping the changed colours, to match my work so far, but I always knew this was going to be the challenge of the design.
 It will be a bunch of flowers, with different types of blooms in. I have always in my mind had this stitched using all the colours, 3 shades of pink and the green. Last night when I was making my notes, I felt I could not do it using just the 3 pinks. So I have pulled out a couple more shades of pink.
 The full design is shown here, excuse the pencil lines added for my notes, my plan is to stitch the flowers, who's colour I have already decided, then see what is left and use one other colour.
Today is my last day at home, tomorrow I will go back to work, I am still a bit tender, my role at work is an easy sit at my desk and type, answer the phone, so it won't be any problems. I am not good at being home all day, I do like the stitching time.


  1. Hello

    Just found you.

    Your pictures of Littlehampton are lovely, we had rain yesterday!

    Sweet Flowers is beuatiful.

    Cat x

  2. Hi .
    I have just come along to your blog and noticed you went to visit Littlehampton. well i grew up there for my 1st 20years, only been back once , im now up north and so miss the sea , its still looks no diffrent from your photos for when i lived down there .
    thankyou for the post enjoyed reading, im hoping to catch up more now with my blog , facebook has kidnapped me for too long time i spent now on my blog, have a fab day
    Tracey xx

  3. I have pooped out on making you a fish :0{

    Since I decided I wanted to do it, I found out my SIL has esophageal cancer. SO my thoughts have been with my brother andhis family. I started making her a Prayer Shawl.

    My niece, her daughter, is having a rought time with this diagnosis . . . so yesterday I started on a shawl for her.

    Hopefully, they will both be done in a week or two then I can get back to stuff I want to make . . not need to make to help m y soul deal with thie earth shattering news.

  4. What a splendid looking seaside place to visit, so lovely that you had some of the bank holiday sunshine that so many didn't get.

    I love this stitching projects, it is so delicate and pretty.



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