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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sweet stitching and stash

 I am loving this section of Sweet Flowers, my needle just flows through the linen, the colours just tumble into each other, just like nature intended, I have decided the main flower in this bunch will have a new shade of pink, it will lift the design, it will sit just above the big light pink section.
 I intend to stitch again tonight, hubby is left on his own, but just a couple more days and this section will be finished and back to my Christmas stitching. There is more green in this section and it's coming alive.
 I met Su for lunch and we went shopping, popped into Hobbycraft and found this cotton material, and I love it, not sure what I will do with it yet, but it had to come home with me.
 I am beginning to think about this years Christmas cards, the snow globes has fine beads in to shake, and the ornaments are so very pretty, if a buy a few things each month, nothing becomes too expensive, well that's my excuse.
 They are Divine.
 And beads, the photo does not show the true beauty of the colour of these beads, all very fine, I would like to use these for a necklace. Su is the jewelry person in our family, so we intend to get together to make this.
I have also purchased a couple of crochet hooks, now's the time, I want to do more than granny squares.It's a normal week here, work is OK, we have good weather fore cast for the weekend, at the mo we have a thunder storm, so I am sat with our lights on, summer is leaving us behind, the gardens are turning, it's not been the best year for my garden, but there's always next years. I always have plans.


  1. Cute snow globes for your card making.

  2. Great buys and lovely to have a lovely stash to begin making Christmas presents. The Sweet Flowers is so pretty. Gill x



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