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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Is it bedtime yet

 I done loads of stitching so far, it is much quicker than cross stitch, I will do all the words first, then the design and the french knots last, I am hoping this will be finished soon. Not done any of Tree of Life, I'm tired and I know I will miss count, so I will pick it up later in the week.
 I have painted my nails gold, I have been looking for the union jack nail wraps, can't get any locally, so I went for gold instead, it matches my pendant, which is a bonus, ready for the closing ceremony tonight.
 This afternoon Fliss, Steve, Josh and Sammy popped over, so we had a BBQ in the garden, Sammy enjoyed his burger. It was great we sat outside all afternoon, the boys played with bubbles and football. They have gone home now, both boys are tired they had a busy day out yesterday.
I was up before 9am this morning, which on a Sunday is early for me, I did the house work, whilst Kev played golf, washed my car and done a bit more in the garden. I have planted herbs in my small veg plot, and I am digging up the strawberries, I will get a huge pot for them, which means they will look tidier, I am keeping my raspberries and will get another cane and with a gooseberry bush, we should have loads of fruit.

After all that I am tired, I am going to stitch for a while and then I think an early night. I think we will watch the closing ceremony tomorrow evening.
Managed to stay up to the end.....brilliant, we were rocking all night, I hope you all understood both ceremonies, very us, very British, we are so proud of everything and everyone, WE DID IT!!!!

Hope your weekend was fun

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  1. WOndering what the CLosing Ceremonies will be like. I am sure we will watch them this evening . . we are on a 6 hour delay so we can watch everything on "our" time . . with live broadcasts on some channels if we want.

    Your nails look great . . wish I had some to paint. Mine break so easily I normally keep them very short . . and I have messed up cuticles from warts that were burned off in high school so I don't like to draw attention to them :0{



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