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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A quick word

I am loving stitching this, it's so quick, I am thinking I might add some seed beads as well, just to spice it up, I will  line the back of it which will help with the puckers, if I stitch it loose enough not to pucker the stitches look bad, so these are neat stitches and I will press it to help, when I stretch it, it looks good.

I am planning to go back to Tree of life after this is finished, it will be nice to see it grow some more, Sweet flowers chart is released on 20th, so I have a week to work on Tree of life.

Tomorrow I am back in hospital, for another small operation,  this is my last, I am not having any more, so if the surgeon does not get it all right then I will have to live with how I am. It's all cosmetic, important on how I feel about myself, but whilst they seek perfection, at my age I just want to look good.
So later this week , the weekend and next week will be stitching time.


  1. That is looking very pretty. Praying for you and your surgery.

  2. AS we say here . . break a leg with your surgery tomorrow!

    Will be thinking about you and waiting for a report when you get home.



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