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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday morning quickie

 Kev is out, so I have free time, and here's an update, the date was always going to be the title of this piece of work, and as normal I am making it up as I stitch.

I have tried using the same colours used before, I don't want this to become messy, The flowers on "2" will be done in silver thread with a pink or white seed bead as a centre, I will also have a glitter thread in the last "1".I have an idea forming for the back ground, but it will not be solid colour as done at the top.

The side panel is now formed so later I want to count out the space and stitch the three hearts, one each in silver, red and blue, but I'm not telling you any more.

I am really excited about this sampler, I can smell the finish line and it's calling to me. I know what I am doing around the centre, which is going to be fun, hence the leaving it to last.

I wish I could say this is all my own work, but I have a list of designer's who's work I have placed in my sampler.

I'm off the real world is calling, ironing and the if the weather permits a trip to our local castle with Joshy, Sam, mummy and daddy.


  1. As always just beautiful - looking forward to seeing this as a whole when finished :)



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