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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Comming along

 I have finished the half cross stitch in my hearts for the side panel. But I have not been able to purchase a charm with 25 on. I have searched craft shops for stitching and card making and also looked at cake decorations, and can not find anything the right size.
So I have my reference books out and I am going through them again, I want to put my name in the pink heart, Kev's name in the blue heart and the date 1986 -2011 in the silver heart, but I wanted a charm for the 25 years.  So I am rethinking, so I will stitch the centre panel whilst finding a solution.

 Josh and Sammy are in Manchester with their Grandmother (Steve's mum) with Fliss for a week, and I shall miss our little lad calling nanna to tell of wonderful things done in the day. They are back home next weekend just before Josh's birthday.
 These photo's were taken last Sunday evening, Josh wanted to run on our local beach, so we went along, Sammy spent most of the time with Grancha, with loads of smiles. Josh was wet up to his waist, but very happy to go home to a warm bath and bed, and both boys slept very well.
It's a nice day here so we are off on a bike ride later, my energy levels are rising again, later I would  like to work in the garden, and then pop and see Su and Gav, they have just finished decorating the hall and today will purchase their new kitchen, it's great to see them doing up their first flat together.

Cry for help, I can't find any smallish patters for funny, silly black and white cows fro my sampler, can any one help.....................Please


  1. Marlene the colours are divine. The only charm I can think of is maybe a silver or gold one and I will get my thinking cap on for the cows because I have either got a pattern somewhere or I've seen one just recently - will let you know.

  2. Here is a b & w cow's head:

  3. I am really loving the look of your sampler. Sorry I can't help with the cow pattern



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