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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Gardening - in stitches

 I'm stitching my garden section, 
just a few flowers here to fill this space along the bottom green line, 
I will add a bird table as well.
I have just selected my anniversary present from Kev, a couple of weeks ago we went to the Jewelry shop, I choose a nice diamond pendant, as the sales guy was boxing it up, I had one of those moments, shocked Kev and said let's leave it for now. I wear the same garnet pendant every day, I also have a beautiful emerald pendant, which live's in my drawer. I suddenly thought do I want to spend all this money on a diamond which will live most of the time in a drawer,
No is the answer.
So today we have ordered a new half green house for the garden, I know I will have more pleasure every day from this, and we can enjoy all the vegetables and flowers.
I am on holiday this week, staying at home, jobs to do, family and friends to meet and of course loads of stitching.

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