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Thursday, 18 August 2011

I can see the finish line

 Every thing is about my sampler at this point

I kept the hearts simple, I love my silk card holders, I have made them a bit different than the pattern, I did half cross stitch in the centre and the stitched the lengths over to make it look real.  I have space I could put a few more in, or I have a pattern for a pair of scissors

 Taunton in Somerset is were I was born, with my date of birth. I am now going to  put plants along the bottom, I have to have my garden on here. I also have the Union Jack and the Welsh flag to stitch.

I think I now have a couple of "silly cows" to stitch, and then just a few spaces left, none of them too big. The last thing I will stitch is the grand children's names.

Work has been manic today, I've not stopped, but I do prefer it busy, but maybe not so busy as today.  Kev is away tonight so do I stitch like crazy, or have a girly evening with a bath with oils and loads of pampering.............................think the stitching might win out.

Stitching won out.


  1. Your sampler is getting more beautiful every time I see it.
    Have a very nice evening, stitching or girly or a bit of both.

  2. Marlene, that is just beautiful - I can't wait to see the whole picture :)



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