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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Great British Summer

 Yesterday Josh our first grandson, had his 6th birthday

We went for a family meal, with Mummy, Daddy, Sammy, Antie Su, Grancha and myself, Josh chose the restaurant, Frankie and Bennies, we all had a good time, including Sammy below who had his first meal out. Sammy will be 1 in October. Photo's aren't great I took them on my phone.
Josh had his cake at home, and loads of presents, which is correct for a young man of 6, Sammy is almost walking and just a wobble way, so the fun will begin, Josh is very good at helping his little brother.
 Today is the 4th day of my holiday and we are back to an English summer, the rain is heavy and non stop, no wonder I am feeling blue today, it's too wet even to go to the bottom of our small garden.
 So another day inside, I will do some stitching, I am so close to the finish line, in one way I will be sorry to finish but in another it will be good to stitch something which has a design and I can see the finished item.

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