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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Last panel

 The date is finished, and again it's just as I planned it.

I have tried using colours already used in the outer panels, trying to stop it looking messy, I have an idea how I want to finish the background here, but I want to do more on the last side panel, to check every thing is going together well.

 This section is about Kev and myself and our 25th wedding anniversary (Silver)  this year, the main heart has a silver edge, inside I am going to stitch in grey with an occasional shinny stitch. I think I will do this in tent stitch ( half cross stitch), so the background is lighter, the other two hearts will be pale colours.
I am now adding the embellishments as I go along, I have others to add once I have finished the main part of the stitching. I'm feeling good about this project and I can feel it's going to be finished in a few weeks.


  1. Just lovely. You are so creative! I would never attempt to create my own pattern. If it's not already designed - I can't do it!

    Just to let you know I have figured out how to leave a message. I'm so smart! :o)
    Best regards, Mary, Long Beach, CA

  2. Looking good and I just love the colours :)



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