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Friday, 31 July 2020

July round up

Another expensive month, the shelves in the greenhouse were an extravagance shown 1st on the list above, and then purchasing the slate and a few other things for the garden. Purchasing locally is more expensive, I have also purchased seeds, which is much earlier than normal, but I do feel this virus is going to come back all through the coming months, and my garden has been such a help to both of us, so I am ensuring I have most of what I want. This has been the most expensive garden month since I started my stash list, oops!!

Not spent anything on yarn or fabric, and no clothes, I was in conversation with the company who sent me sunglasses instead of shoes, they have offered me a part refund, and then stopped talking to me. Sadly I have been reading online of the scam on Clark's shoes, loads of people have been sent scarfs and other things instead of their order. They stole all Clark's marketing to ensure the sites looked correct, Oh well expensive lesson learn't. 

We again have spent more this month on food, we are still keeping stocks high, which now gives us the added task of checking dates and ensuring we use the items in the correct rotation, it's so easy to lose focus and then find things out of date. We do not stick to the dates on fresh food, using our nose to check items, as most things will last past their use by/good before dates, but we are managing with fluid menus. We are now harvesting fruit and salad items for us, not huge amounts but enough for us to enjoy. 

We did fill the car twice with fuel, having had a trip back home to Somerset, but the cost of petrol remains low, we should not require another fill up for weeks. 

Hubby has finally managed to cancel our Virgin Internet package, we had wanted to change in February, but found we were in a contract, unknown to us, when they sent us a replacement router last August, they started a new year's contract, it's their standard practice when replacing items, even like ours when the equipment was faulty, they did not need to tell us, it was in the contract we signed years ago. We have halved our monthly bill to £25, which is a great saving, but more importantly we are not part of their contract, where everything is loaded towards them. 


  1. It looks an expensive month but you haven't spent anything at all on other hobbies and as you say, your garden has been such a help to you both during the last few months. I keep seeing lots of lovely yarn which I'm tempted by but I've managed to resist as I just haven't been doing very much crafting over the last couple of months.

  2. It's been an expensive month for me too, needing to buy my bike, but it will pay for itself within a few months as I no longer pay bus fares to work, or rarely. It's good that you are getting your seeds early. They were like gold dust during lockdown. I might consider doing the same as it's looking more likely that we will get more waves of the virus.

  3. It doesn't look too bad a spend really , like Jo says, you have only spent on your garden. I have spent a bit more on stitching items this month, not charts though, just a bit of fabric and threads, but no yarn bought in ages :-)



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