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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

So this is June

For the 1st time in weeks we spent time with our youngest grandsons, in their garden, Will was brilliant and understood we could not touch or cuddle, but we could still play with him, he told us Boris Johnson made these rules, and we had to be good. I did visit our oldest grandsons Josh and Sam, at their house on Saturday, with both visits we stayed outside and kept our distance, leaving without cuddles was very hard, but it's a step forward. 
I am making more mask, these are for my neighbours, matching ones for mum and daughter, another set for dad and son. I don't have any elastic, but she will get some off the net. Daddy is still in isolation and keeping well. These will be finished tomorrow and sent over, I have 2 tomato plants for the children to grow on, in hope it will be fun for them. 
I have been given 3 books by Martina Cole, and was told she is good. The swearing in this book is ripe, using words I don't like, but the story was good. I did start another book but it was so similar to this one, Irish family, lots of lads all swearing, so I've put it down, I think I will bother with another book from her. 
Maggie from BlackCountry Wench baked a marmalade cake, looked good click on the link to see her post, so hubby baked one, we only had lemon marmalade, the cake is moist and beautiful, we are enjoying every morsel. 
My BMI has reduced again, which is pleasing, I am very close to my next target, we had a naughty weekend, homemade pizza and red wine, as well as scones with jam and cream twice last week. I don't do well on diets, but our way of preparing food and what we eat has changed and this is allowing the weight loss. Hubby hit another big target and is now down to a healthy weight, and no longer over weight. 

We are not in the garden so much, through the heat of the day we are inside, loving the cool, we would prefer to be outside in the shade, but the issues from next door are stopping us. The smell of cats and flies are over powering at times, doors and windows are being kept closed, we knew it would start again, I have emailed our environmental health, but they have not done much for the past 8 years, so we are not expecting much support from them. This summer we don't have the option of going out for the day, it's only bad on very hot days, it has been building for weeks, but it's how we have to live. I am praying for a couple wet days which lowers the smells.
My water butt's are very low, I require rain water for my blueberries and a couple plants in the greenhouse, we have just had our first rain in ages, just a wetting of the ground, did not last more than 10 minutes, not enough to clear any of the dust around, we need a good storm, but I'm not holding on to much hope. I water the garden every other evening, giving everywhere a good soak, and the whole garden is looking good.
We have no plans to go anywhere other than local, we are hoping to go for a walk with daughter, Will and George later this week, it feels so good to be able to see them again. 
I have a few things due from purchases on the net, I got some lights for the greenhouse, my old lights broke and I love to see the greenhouse after dark, the old lights were a few years old, so not complaining. June is going to be an expensive month, but I'm not wasteful with my spending, I may have ordered some sandals from Clark's sale, I have a few pairs but most are scruffy. 


  1. How lovely that you're getting to see your grandsons again. It must have been so hard being away from them, especially when you're used to seeing them very regularly. I'm not doing much reading at all at the moment, I've been reading the book I'm on with at the moment for ages, not because I'm not enjoying it but my mind is just not in it. Both my dad and Jasmine are in hospital at the moment, a worrying time, so I just can't settle to anything. Well done with your weight loss, you'll need to ration that cake, haha. I believe that a little of what you fancy is fine, it's all about moderation, easier said than done for me!

  2. Great news with your weight loss, not so great with your neighbour. The cake looks rather delicious :)

  3. What a lovely photo of your grandchildren, I'm mesmerised by the green lawn. Mine looks dead! I feel you pain living near animal smells. We get the smell of muck spreading from time to time but it does go away and it's a necessary evil. The cake sounds delicious.

    1. They have just had a new lawn laid, proper grass, so they have been watering often.

  4. How wonderful to see your grandsons again, that's a lovely photograph.

    That cake looks great and the scones you enjoyed sounded delicious.

    Well done on your weight loss.

    All the best Jan

  5. Lovely! My parents came over for a distant picnic last night and it was lovely to see them face to face again!

    1. The immense joy of sharing space with your love ones is brought home in these trying times.

  6. Wonderful news that you had quality time with the grandchildren even if at social distancing. I saw my granddaughter too, she stood at the top of the driveway as I am still shielding. To see her smile in person was the best tonic ever. The cake looks delicious, I must have missed that one on Maggie's blog.



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