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Monday, 29 June 2020

Busy clicking

It's been a weekend for crafting, I have done loads on this top, the colours look great knitted up, it feel just like summer and really relaxing to knit.
I have joined the two sides together to for the back opening and now knitting on the round, I will add buttons, but note no button holes, I will slip stitch most of these panels together and sew buttons on top, I am not the best at making button holes, so I leave them off where I can. This is 13" long, I need it to be 16" before shaping the armholes, and making the vest top.
I still am using the second hank which should take me up to 15", now it's a case of working out how much yarn I need and how much I have, I would like this top a just a bit longer. 
Crochet has been done, I love this blanket, as does Grace, every time I work on it she wants to sit on my lap, it's always a juggle to keep my work away from her fur.
I finished two more colour rows last night, the green is 11 squares, each row is one square less, so it's getting quicker to finish rows, I can see the finish line. BUT I have not stitched the ends in, so I still have loads to do. 
We have the happiest of grandsons, Will now has an electric Police motor bike, it has a box on the back where he keeps his notebook and pencil (he can't write yet), handcuffs, radio and his badge. He does have a new helmet coming, which is a police helmet, and loads of flat garden to ride around. He did have a car, but it was too bulky and not good on corners, now he is just like his Granch (hubby) with his love of motorbikes. 
We have had the best weekend, I have watched so much TV, Glastonbury through the years (huge music festival in south of UK), so much great music, it was such a pleasure, and I still have a couple to watch, two hours of David Bowie from 20 years ago. 
Today we would be hunkering down for Wimbledon (Tennis torment) and was hugely disappointed it was not going ahead,  but after other successes where TV replaces the live action with historic replays, we can't wait to see what is  on offer. 

We did pop and see Will, George, mummy and daddy on Saturday, and for the first time in months we both had a cuddle with George, I cried, mummy and daddy have decided to allow only grandparents to cuddle the boys, just making our own bubble with 3 families. 
We are planning to pop out this week, to B&Q (huge DIY store) and a garden centre, and will not cuddle the boys for the following 7 days, just to be safe, there is less virus around, but we still are not taking any risk. 

I did potter in the garden, I will post about my garden next time, I have not read anything, the TV took so much of my time. We had steady rain most of Saturday, all my water butts are again full, I won't need to water tonight, so a restful day planned. We are now having a true British summer, hot days followed by cooler wet spells, really good for the garden and I must admit I like the cooler days, it's good to have a break from the hot days.   


  1. I watched quite a bit of the Glastonbury stuff over the weekend too, it was marvellous. How lovely to be able to have a cuddle with George.

  2. I prefer the cooler weather too, I don't even mind the rain. I saw a bit of David Bowie at Glasto last night.

  3. The tops coming on great. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Your knitting and crochet are both lovely.
    I'll have to tell hubby about the David Bowie programme he was a huge fan, well, still is really.
    We haven't had much rain but it's been chilly and very windy, we never get a happy medium do we, it's either too hot to do anything or too wet, lol

  5. I can see why Grace likes that blanket too - it's lovely.

    Lovely to see Will on the police bike and wonderful that you had a cuddle with George … very special :)

    All the best Jan

  6. Your blanket looks lovely and warm and colourful, Marlene. It must be lovely to be working on it a little at a time and seeing it grow. MegXx



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