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Friday, 4 December 2020

Acts of kindness

How cute is this, George under the Christmas tree, with his new best friend Buster, given to him by a staff member, the nicest man ever in John Lewis, Southampton, brought a rare smile to me. 
I am really disappointed with my Amaryllis bulbs this year, the Lidi bulb has only leaves, normally the flower pops up first, my garden center one has no signs of growth either. The bulb from last year has huge leaves and no bud. The seeds grown from previous years, have all been nibbled by mice in the greenhouse. I'm waiting until my local florist has them in stock part growing, I will have their blooms this year. 
On Monday I got up early and drove my friend and neighbour to our local hospital for a check up, she recently had an eye operation, she would have needed to take a bus in their busy time for 30 minutes to get there, it's just a 10 minute drive from our home, she is not allowed to drive yet. She got me this lovely thank you plant, mine has finished flowering so lovely to have a 2nd plant. 
I added sage green braid around my cushion, I had intended to purchase gold braid, but decided the green would look better. 
I am struggling with crafting, I have managed to finish the 1st sleeve for Will's jacket, the body is the correct length , I need to do armhole shaping and the top sections, I have pulled out a WIP cross stitch to finish. 
Another great book, I read this super quick, Sharon Bolton is another great author I love, really good story line and brilliant ending. This is my 74th book read this year. I am now waiting for the next set of books from library. 
 I am still watching The Crown, I watch 2 episodes at a time, I am reading as well, but in truth my heart is not in anything, I can happily sit and waste every afternoon. We try and have a daily walk, being outside clears my head, I love our tiny park, as do so many other people, walking around, nodding at each other, keeping our distance. Your comments last time were all very kind and understanding, we are due some happy good news, but this year is just not that giving. Having a shopping trip with daughter and George has helped me, the kindness of a stranger lifted my spirits, I was surprised to see the city was not that busy, everyone was wearing mask and keeping apart, the shops had good safety systems. 

Shops are open and the village is busy, we purchased cards from our independent shop, we also have a big chain cheap shop, but I do love nice cards, not cheap, but most of them are for our grandsons, so I don't mind paying extra. 


  1. It's a lovely photo of George and how kind of the man in John Lewis. I'm doing very little crafting or reading at the moment, I'm just so busy with other things. Your cushion is lovely, you've made such a good job of it. You've really got back into your cross stitch, I'm looking forward to seeing the project you're working on now.

  2. Such a lovely photo of George and Buster and a lovely gift from your friend for a good deed done.

  3. So the man just gave it to George? Well, he is so adorable, so small wonder.

  4. Such a cute photo of George, it made me smile as well :)

  5. That is such a lovely photograph of George and Buster.
    It certainly made me smile :)

    All the best Jan

  6. Such a cute picture of George. Children do love to climb under the tree don't they?

    Buster is pretty cute as well.

    God bless.

  7. That's a sweet gesture, and what a gorgeous photograph of George under the tree. X

  8. How happy does George look with his new friend, lovely photo :-)
    Sorry your amaryllis are not doing well, there's still time though so fingers crossed. Love your cushion and yes the green does go well. Hope you have a good weekend.

  9. Beautiful Christmas cushion...I think the green braid is the perfect finishing touch. Brilliant photo of George and Buster. He looks so content with his new toy :-) keep well Amanda x

  10. Your cushion is beautiful and the piping superb. I must get a Christmas cactus I had one for may years. George is adorable and I'm sure he know's he is too!



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