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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Simple times.

Totally beautiful, with so many more buds to open. 
 I purchases these from B&Q reduced section, 50p each, 3 plants, nothing wrong with them, just no flowers, when I got to the till, they were having a 15% off day, so I paid £1.26. I can't separate the 2 pots, so I planted them, the extra rim looks good. 
Tiny seeds have been appearing on my desk, for 2 days I have brushed them into the bin, but where are they coming from? The only plant nearby is my pineapple, do they throw out seeds, I don't know, I did look on goggle, which said they do make seeds. So for an adventure, I got out a small pot with compost and sprinkled them on to see if anything grows, they look too small for pineapple seeds, so what am I trying to grow. 
 I purchased a yarn advent calender for myself and wanted to ensure hubby was not left out, we normally do not bother with them. I did not see any ready made ones he would love, so I looked at purchasing an empty one, but they are expensive. I purchase small white bags, marked the numbers and used a Christmas sticker to close them, I already had the big bag, really pleased with this, full of treats he loves. 
I noticed back in October one of my Orchids had a new stem growing, I have watched it reach about 7", so I thought I would ease it upright and attach to a stick for the blooms to be higher, and I have snapped it off, I am so angry with myself. I have one Orchid in full bloom, it has flowered for weeks, and my hope was this new blooms would be ready just as these faded, I do love to have flowers in my sitting room, Oh well.
I spent Thursday in Southampton with youngest daughter, she had the last of her Christmas shopping to do, I was not happy for her to go alone, she has less than 3 weeks to her due date, so we had a girly day. Daughter got all she needed and I got a couple of treats and a small gift for hubby's stocking. We were both tired once we got home, we had a long lunch together and loads of fun, plus it was dry all day. 
When I got home I found hubby had cleaned our cooker, every year he gives it a good clean, so it looks like new (not bad as it's 15 years old), it's never too dirty, but it's nice to see it so shiny. 
I have been busy crafting, and hope the ripple blanket will be done by the end of the weekend. I have been looking online at how you make a star shaped blanket, it's looks simple enough, I have yarn, but I won't start until I have finished the pair of socks required for a gift. 
Will slept over last night, we decided mum and dad should have a last lazy morning together, soon they will be waking up at all times through the night, he is happily playing with hubby, chatting about his baby brother, things they will do, it's lovely to listen to him. 
Later he will be back home with mummy and daddy and we are going to friends for supper, a takeaway plus a glass of wine and loads of chatter, the bonus they live just across the road, no long journey home. It's an early start with Will 6.30am, so might need a rest this afternoon. 


  1. What a lovely week you've had. Enjoy your evening, shame about the orchid but don't be too hard on yourself. I get upset when I do stuff like that. Love Christmas cactus.

  2. Advent calendars are such big business these days, I'm amazed at all the different types. I've bought a yarny one for myself and I've also done a swap so I'll have two to open. Such a shame about your orchid, I'm surprised it happened as I always find the stems really tough. Even when I go to snip it off when it's finished flowering I have a job.

    1. It snapped at the very bottom, I'm hoping another will grow.

  3. I love your Christmas cactus. Wonder what the seeds are....how exciting if they germinate!

  4. Hmmm, wonder what those seeds are? A mystery in the making.

    Sorry the orchid stem snapped. I hope it starts growing again.

    God bless.

  5. It will be interesting to see what the seeds do - you might be nursing along some lovely weeds!
    I love the colour of the flowers on your cactus.

  6. I once broke the flowering stem off an orchid I just bought as my mom and I were leaving an orchid show. Feel your pain :(
    Can't wait to see what you grow with the seeds.

  7. Beautiful cactus flowers! And it's wonderful you get to spend so much time with your grandkids. I had a few special moments with mine, but we didn't really live close by. They had property, cows and chickens, which they enjoyed teaching me about. Wasn't enough time though. So it's great you have so much contact.

    1. Sadly not all our grandsons live close, and when many of them (we have 6) were young, we had to work. But it is good to be so close to Will.

  8. I was surprise to see another stem growing on my orchid this week. I always admire yours.
    That's a nie cactus and I do like the double rim of the terracotta cyclamen pot.



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