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Thursday, 18 July 2019


I can basic crochet, but I would like to make more items than just blankets, I do enjoy crocheting a ripple blanket, but there are only so many you can use. My daughter gave me this beautiful box kit to make a cockapoo, I have made the body, which was fiddly, I just have the smaller head and limbs to make. I hope to get this done quickly and try something a bit more challenging.
 I got my loom out, I am using a 3ply yarn, I was thinking to make a scarf for a Christmas gift, but I'm not sure I will have enough yarn to make a decent length, I have seen a bag design, which these shades would look good. I will work a bit more before deciding. 

I have been pulling out patterns,
 I like the small square box, 
I might make a couple. 
 These are all 4ply patterns, all very old, the cost printed on is shown as imperial, we went decimal in 1972, so they are really old. I have the Alpaca yarn, I do like the soft styles of these tops. I could make a couple of designs. 
Finally after over 4 dry weeks we have rain, it rained last night and it's due to rain most of tomorrow, perfect timing my water butts are almost empty. 
It's good to be doing craft again, Wimbledon is wonderful to watch, but it takes most afternoon and evenings for two weeks, matches are often tennis at it's best. 
I do have a book to read, but I want to finish my little crochet dog before I start to read, I also have some material out to make a couple of beanbags for a neighbour. I also have some spotty material, I want to enhance before sewing, so loads of plans. I can do which ever craft my mood takes me to, but I do want to bring on my crochet skills, which means getting to grips with pattern reading, my hope to make a couple of small things to boost my confidence.
At some point we should see Will today, he is unwell with a bug and will saty with us, whilst mummy gets a few jobs done. 
Sunday I am home alone, so I plan to get my sewing machine, and make a few items. 


  1. I enjoy having a few things on the go so that I can pickup whichever takes my fancy. You're doing well with the little Cockapoo. My mum had boxes of old knitting patterns but she sent them all to the charity shop when she moved house a few years ago, she didn't realise that I'd have loved to have them.

  2. We got a good shower over night too and hopefully a bit more to follow. I'm still no further than granny stitch, but I do love the easy repetitiveness of the stitch. Looking forward to seeing the finished Cockapoo. Best, Jane x

  3. I love the look of that trio of boxes. I too would like to know how to crochet more than just a blanket and have been thinking of taking a couple of classes this summer - but summer is going by quickly and I haven't yet!

  4. Amigurumi is addictive, you will want to do more once you've finished the little dog.
    It's been raining on and off most of the morning here, at least it's given the garden a good soaking.
    Have a good weekend

  5. The colours on the loom look nice.
    We've had a lot of rain too and our water butts are filled again ready for next weeks heatwave.
    Get well wishes to Will

  6. Your loom work looks so beautiful. I hope will feels better soon. And reading crochet patterns does get easier. If you want any help feel free to ask crochet is one craft that I've been doing for many years now.



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