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Monday, 8 July 2019

Garden edibles

3 coleus plants, eaten to within a inch of their lives, 
I can see just a bit of new growth
Only 2 out of my 3 lupins survived the feast
 My bleeding heart regrowing. So many plants have not survived this summer, the bugs are muching through my garden, the above 3 photos I have dug them out and potted them up, in hope I can save them, they are all looking better, some I hope to replant later, once they are a good size. 
Another pair of socks finished, again these are mine. I have started another pair, but I am looking for something different to do. 
 Two more books finished, 
Last chance saloon, was a bit lite, I used to read Marion Keyes alot.
The Divide, I enjoyed, it was a different read for me, well written.
Both these images I took off the internet, and have different covers to the books I had, I forgot to take photo's before I passed the books on. 
We had a lazy weekend, Saturday afternoon watching tennis, Sunday just home alone, after a visit to see Will, mummy and daddy.
We had rain Saturday night, it showed on the fore caste, I was pleased, Sunday was a cooler day, so all good for the garden.
Today is Will's play day, we are going into town on the bus, we don't need anything, but Will loves to travel on a bus, we will have lunch out. We also hope he will allow the barber to cut his hair, he is scared of the clippers, we won't push to hard, his hair is not too messy at the mo, but mummy and daddy likes to keep it short.


  1. Oh no, something's been enjoying your plants. Love the colour of your socks, so pretty.

  2. Yes the slugs and snails have been at my Dahlias too, the ones that are in the ground anyway. Hopefully you will be able to bring the Coleus back now they are in pots.
    Oliver was always scared to have his hair cut at the barbers, he was better at the hairdressers, although still a little wary of the scissors. Have a lovely day with Will.

  3. Naughty slugs and bugs... they are enjoying biting people too as well as plants :-(



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