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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Going dotty

It's great to be using silks (floss) again, I have a huge stash of colours so I should not need to purchase many for this project. The fabric was in my stash and left over from this project. I have used french knots before to colour a project bag I made. I do love the shades in this fabric, hence I purchased more than I required at the time. 
 The circle is the size of a small diner plate, the template on is the back, I will stitch each coloured dot inside the template, plus any part areas. The back ground will be left flat. I aim to use the large circle in the design of my finished bag. 
The stitching is so simple, I start in the middle of the dot and work outwards, just taking care along the edges, I don't want to lose the shape. I was going to stitch each colour in turn, but decided it was better to work from the top down, that way I should not flatten any of the stitches. 
 I have one spot so far I am not happy with, marked in photo below, when I matched the silk, it looked the correct colour, but once I stitched the whole area, I was unhappy it's the wrong shade, so I will remove the stitches and find the correct shade. I am going to use the unstitched fabric next to this panel I am making, so the colour matches have to be good. 
I have a large area to cover, but it is an easy project to pick up.
I have done a tiny bit more to my crochet dog, and some more weaving, not enough to show progress photo's, but it's good to be able to mix my crafting.
I am going to Hobbycraft on Sunday morning, so I will be able to get any silks for the above project I require, I normally get them off line, but this time I will pay the higher price and match the colours. 
We had heavy rain all last night, the water butts are full again, and everywhere is looking much better, give it a couple of days and the garden will be full of colour. We have friends visiting from Spain next week, and they love the garden, so I have been working to ensure it's full of colour.
We have a musical background today, our local park is hosting a Party in the Park, we will pop along this afternoon, but the music fills our garden, we can hear it in the house, it's just one day each year, so it does not bother us. We do have to pop out this morning, so we won't be listening to it all day.


  1. There's a small music festival here today too, the weather isn't all that good, such a shame. I think the French knots will make a fantastic feature, I can't wait to see it when it's all finished.

  2. Your stitching looks very interesting, hope you find the perfect match at Hoobycraft tomorrow.

  3. I love seeing the variety of different projects you work on.

  4. This time of year there are always plenty of music events to go to, as well as summer fetes etc.

    I'm just hoping the weather cools down soon, these past few days have been too hot!!!

    All the best Jan



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