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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Just a few jobs

I have planted my Kiwi, it was getting pot bound, this is not an ideal spot, but the best place I could find in my garden, this was grown from a seed taken from a kiwi fruit back in 2017. The greenhouse is on concrete, but there is soil, I am hoping the roots form into our neighbours garden, they have build a huge sun house about 5 foot from the fence, they have laid gravel in between, so it's an area they won't use. They are aware I have planted a tree here. 
There feels more space here in front of my greenhouse. This area has sun in the morning, but is in the shade all afternoon.
 I moved the lilies to the path, they fit better here.
 My half price fuchsia is in it's permanent home, in the Chimera I have common garden mint, I got a few cuttings, popped them into water until they rooted, safe here there are no holes in the bottom. 
 My pitcher plant has regrown, I love this trio of plants, 
they keep my greenhouse clear of bugs. 
 I have picked my 1st cucumber, there are loads on this plant. 
 Everything at the moment is about the garden, I am a tidy gardener, I do like things neat, our garden was established when we moved here 10 years ago, I did not want to change the layout, I worked with what we had, adding beds and loads of pots.
Most days the temperature is in the 20's, so too hot to garden, so most evenings I find time to do things, just for a short while, gardening at it's best. I am watering with the hose twice a week, using my water buts the rest of the time, pots always need far more water. I do have loads of plants which only like rain water, so I have to ensure my water buts don't dry up.
We have had a few breezy cloudy days, no hope of rain, once the sun goes behind a cloud it can be quite cool.
Saturday we spent at our daughters, they had returned from their holiday and purchased a pool for Will to play in, we enjoyed a day at theirs. Sunday was a lazy day at home, reading.
Monday Will came to ours for the day, most of the time spent outside, we have got him a pool but did not use it.
Tuesday was our last sign class until September, I will have to pratice often to ensure I don't forget anything. I would also like to learn a new poem myself to help remember signs.
Wednesday we had the day out at Amberley, fun, plenty of walking, I have already done a post on our visit.
Thursday lazy day at home, inside for ages, just too hot and of course Wimbledon is on!!
Friday, took a trip to Asda, got most of what was on our list, and just a couple of other items. We spent a wonderful afternoon and evening watching tennis on the TV, some brilliant matches.
No plans for the weekend, just the way we like it.


  1. Your plants all look as if they are thriving! Hadn't heard of a pitcher plant before. Great to learn new things!

  2. I hope the kiwi does well for you now that it's planted out. Sounds like a good week with trips out, time spent relaxing at home, and family.

  3. You had a lovely week, a nice mix of hobbies, TV and family time. Your cucumber looks great. We've eaten our first too.

  4. I'm guessing you might be pottering around the garden, on your no-plans weekend. I just enjoying the sun on the deck, with a cup of tea. Love your carnivorous plants, as pest control in the greenhouse. They're designed to attract pests with their sweet elixir.



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